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I use traditional Japanese hand poke tattoo methods and instruments.

The instrument I use is called "Sashibo" and the method is called "Tebori". Tebori has been around since the Edo era (about 400 years ago).


Tebori Tattoo

While stretching the skin with one hand and tattooing with other hand, the artist uses the bundle of needles at the tip of Sashibo to hand poke ink into the skin. Sashibo and Tebori needles are made from different material. The details and secrets as to how the instruments are made varies in each tattoo family.

Although the process looks more gruesome then a machine, Tebori is less painful and does less damage to the skin then a tattoo machine. The colors are strong and deep and do not fade as much as machine works do over time. The color even gets smoother with each passing year.

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