Important information 

I got the title that fifth genalation of Horiyoshi from my master Honke Horiyoshi [Takehisa Muramatsu](biological son of Horiyoshi1[Yoshitsugu Muramatsu] and biological brother of HoriyoshiⅡ[Yoshiyuki Muramatsu]).

But I wondered many people will misunderstand that I received title from Mr. Horiyoshi Ⅲ if I call by myself "Horiyoshi The Fifth", and it will makes many problem. So I consulted my master Honke Horiyoshi(Takehisa Muramatsu) and received advice from Mr. Horiyoshi Ⅲ(Mr. Yoshihito Nakano). And as a result, I added words "Jisshi" and "Kensho". "Jisshi" means biological son, "Kensho" means On-yomi of my master's first name "Takehisa(建尚)"(Kanji have two different readings, On-yomi and Kun-yomi). 

My new artist name is "HORIYOSHI -JISSHI KENSHO- FIFTH”.

It means that fifth generation of Horiyoshi from the first generation of Horiyoshi"s biological son "Kensho". It's complicated but please don't misunderstand. And don't ask question to Mr. Horiyoshi Ⅲ about me, it makes bother to him.